10556213_10153014750554325_8571150650991228164_n              My name is Heather Willard, I live in a rural town in Kentucky and have lived here my entire life. I’m a mother of a little girl, and a wife to a hardworking man. I have a dog and cat. Sounds pretty mundane, right?  But also, in addition to those things, I’m a nerd. A major one. And I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember.

I was that little girl in middle school who couldn’t wait to come to school and talk about where I was currently stuck while playing The Legend of Zelda. I was the kid who would rather sit and gaze off into space with a glassy look in my eyes, totally apparent that my brain was worlds away. So to try and channel the mess of ideas that was rolling around in my head, I turned to artwork. I took every art class I could, I would draw during class, I have full and half finished sketchbooks scattered around my house. And to this day, it continues. Except this time, I also have a story to tell.

I believe that artwork is meant to be shared. All forms of it. All we have is our own unique outlook on the world around us, and I feel that not sharing my own view of the world would not only be a disservice to me, but even more so to you.

So I hope you find something you like, and enjoy the little bits of my own perspective and little pieces of the world that I can offer you. Thank you!



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