Tools to Help You Become a Better Artist

I recently came across a few really amazing websites that I feel would make great additions to everyone’s artistic arsenals, whether you want learn new techniques, get some more practice, or need a way to help stave off dreaded artist’s block!

1. Ctrl+Paint


This website has been extremely helpful learning digital art and painting with photoshop. The videos are easy to follow, you’re given assignments to help you learn, and most of all, it’s free! There are options to buy more in depth lessons, but from my experience, you can learn most of what you want to know just from the videos provided. The videos are detailed and the narrator does an amazing job teaching different methods and techniques so everyone can learn to use photoshop and adapt it to your own artistic style. All you need is a drawing tablet and photoshop, and you’re ready to learn.

2.Art Prompts

art prompts

This site is a little more simple, but don’t be fooled! Art Prompts is an excellent tool for those in need of an imagination boost. Not only does this site contain awesome generators for different situations, but it also contains an excellent blog with additional art resources, a daily collection of digital art from various artists daily, and so much more!

3. Figure and Gesture Drawing

Figure and GEsture drawing

This website is a useful tool for practice and bettering your artistic skills, especially if you don’t have access to art classes in your area, or if you just want to improve your skills. This site offers custom “classes” or sessions that you can tailor to your own specific needs and timeframe. You can choose how long each session is, the area of study, and provides instructions on how to get the most out of your session. In addition, there’s forums for help and critiquing, as well as tips and links to other resources.

I feel as an artist, learning never ends. There are always different ways to experiment, ways to hone your skills, and there is always room for more inspiration to help your ideas come to fruition. As I discover more tools and websites, I’ll be sure to expand on this list in the future! Stay tuned, and stay imaginative!


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