The Rut


Ok, wow, it has been entirely way too long! Instead of saying “sorry” though, I’m just going to say that, this sort of thing happens! This is what I’ve been telling you guys about! First, something comes up in life. In my case, we moved twice because we bought a house (yay!) . So you get busy, you don’t have time to draw, write, even think creatively. In your spare time you sit and veg out on the TV or read, and absorb, instead of create. Then when you think you should finally get some sort of creative project started, you have that TINY ANNOYING BASTARD of a voice in your head telling you, “Oh, I will draw tomorrow,” or “I should really be doing something more productive.” But you don’t. And then the voice turns into, “You aren’t good enough anyway,” “No one wants to see your crap,” “You don’t have any good ideas.” And then you mope. At least, that has been me in the time I’ve been gone. Well, I’m here now, writing this to get back into the groove and hopefully bring some inspiration back into my life now that the family is settled into our new home.
I still have plans for Dominion Over Purgatory, so that’s still going to be around. I haven’t given up on that!
I’m also going to redo the  30 day drawing Challenge. I will be making a post about in the next couple of days!


I’m going to say right now that I’m not going to be able to do it every single day, but it will be in order. Hopefully this will be a good exercise in getting my groove back.
Anyway, I’m still alive, and thanks for sticking around! Much love!


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