The Big Bang


In the beginning…there was a blank page and a bunch of ideas! And I sat here and stared at this little box for a long time. but here it is! The first post. The Big Bang of this little universe.

My plan for this little tiny corner of the internet is to post weekly chapters for a story I just have to get out of my head, as well as other bits of creativity my brain manages to spawn. Whether any of them are any good, is yet to be seen, but like I said in my about section, I feel that it would be a shame not to share.

I, by no means, feel I am the best at whatever it is I do, but really, who can say without a doubt, that they are the best? Sure, we know of the great composers and artists, but being the greatest probably wasn’t in the forefront of their brains at the time. I imagine them as people with big ideas that were begging to be broken free of their brains and shared with the world. As an artist, who is to know what will become the “next big thing?” You don’t. You just throw yourself out there and feel hopeful, that someone out there can be affected in some way by what you create. At the very least, you know you gave it your best.


So, who the heck am I? Well, I think I’m someone different to a lot of different people. To my husband, his wife and mother of his child, his soul mate and partner in life’s mundane and not-so-mundane moments. To my three-year-old, I’m the provider of food, and the person who bugs her incessantly about going to bed, and giver of hugs. But who am I to me? Well, that is a good question. I think, simply put, I’m a person who generally enjoys life, even the smallest moments. I’m a person who strives to see the best in what life has to offer, and someone who loves spreading that joy to others in the best ways I know how, whether it’s to my husband, daughter, friends, family, or even you.

So what I hope to accomplish with this blog, is to be able to spread a little bit of joy and imagination from my world to yours. I hope you enjoy your visit to Willard’s Imaginarium!


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